When you know that you need to get your teeth straightened, you also likely know that several options exist. While more than two possibilities exist, you may very well have a choice between Invisalign and traditional braces. A number of reasons exist as to why you should select the former over the latter.

Why Invisalign is Better Than Traditional Braces

Less Effect on Appearance

One major reason to choose Invisalign is the effect that they will have on your appearance. Traditional braces are, simply put, quite visible. Everyone will see the metal brackets on your teeth when you smile. Of course, you can still have a beautiful and confident smile with traditional braces, but think about how much easier maintaining that image will be when the brackets are not so visible. It’s true that if people are close to you, they might still see your Invisalign, but it will look quite different from metal brackets.

Major Events

You might not care too much about the effect that metal braces can have on your everyday appearance. In fact, you might be eager to stand out with your braces. Keep in mind, however, that you might feel differently when major events come into fruition. For example, you might be getting married next year, or you might have a major dance coming up at school. Take into account if you would prefer to have metal braces or a clearer retainer on when you’re in pictures for those events. With a clear retainer, viewers of your photos probably will not even notice that you have any dental treatment on at all.

Cost of Treatment

When comparing the costs of clear retainers with traditional braces, you’ll likely see that the prices can be similar. The specific cost of any treatment at a cosmetic dentist Surprise has to offer is going to vary based on a variety of factors. The point here is that clear retainers are not necessarily wildly more expensive than traditional metal brackets. Some people assume that the difference is tremendous without really conducting research. If you want to have clear retainers, you should speak with the dentist about what your options are for payment.

Treatment Duration

Many people are often concerned about the costs of treatment, and they also want to know how long the treatment is going to take. As with the cost, the duration of treatment depends upon individual factors. In a number of cases, however, you may find that the treatment time for clear retainers is shorter. In other words, if you opt for clear retainers, you might have straighter teeth in a shorter period of time than you would if you chose traditional braces.

Greater Freedom with Foods

Opting for traditional braces means that you are going to have limits in terms of what you can eat and drink. Of course, with many dental procedures at the best dentist Surprise has to offer, you’ll encounter guidelines to enhance the success. With metal brackets, however, the guidelines can be more stringent than you would like. When you opt for traditional braces, you’ll be prohibited from eating a number of foods. The reason is that the food could get caught in the brackets or potentially even damage your braces.

Removing Invisalign

This treatment method is quite easy because you get to remove the set when you eat or drink. You might think that you will still get food or beverages stuck in your set, but that issue is not going to come into play when you remove the clear aligners complements of the cosmetic dentist surprise has to offer. When you are enjoying your favorite meal, you can simply ingest all of the flavors without the fear of getting food caught in your braces.

Reduced Damage

Virtually any dental procedure or feature is susceptible to damage, but the point is to reduce the damage. Generally speaking, Invisalign is more durable than traditional braces. Imagine the annoyance of having to schedule a last-minute appointment at the best dentist Surprise can provide because one of your braces broke. By opting for Invisalign, the less visible method, you can reduce the odds of such issues occurring.

Less Irritation

Traditional metal brackets on your teeth for braces can certainly take some time to get used to. It took actually take a substantial amount of time before you feel comfortable having the structures on your teeth. Invisalign can also take some time to get used to, but the amount of time to adjust is less for many individuals. Also, consider the fact that traditional metal braces come with wires. These wires can break and poke at your gums. In addition to irritating your gums, a metal wire poking into this sensitive area can certainly hurt. You do not need to worry about this issue with the less visible method.

Personal Needs

Ultimately, you need to take your personal needs into consideration when you are deciding between clear retainers and metal braces. Think about what you do in your daily life that could make you a better candidate for clear retainers than for metal braces. For example, if you are at risk of getting hit in the mouth due to hazardous working conditions, then choosing clear retainers could be the better option for you. You also need to think about what you are more comfortable with. If you are more comfortable with clear retainers, you should then choose that option. Feeling greater confidence in a treatment method is likely to better encourage you to stick with that plan.

Multiple options exist when it comes to getting your teeth straightened. You must assess your current thoughts on the matter and thoroughly review material about the benefits of the different options. Speaking with a dental professional to review the options is a necessity. During these conversations, you can also bring any questions or concerns to the forefront of the discussion. The fact of the matter is that you will also need to consider what is medically possible for you in terms of treatment, and the professional can guide you to this answer.